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BRS is short for Beredskabsstyrelsen

Which is the governmental emergency service

Many children dream of becoming a fire-fighter, well I did anyway. And one of my visions is to try to fulfil my dreams if they are not to far out or dangerous. So after completing High school  in Denmark I joined BRS with the scope of becoming a fire-fighter and later on an officer.

I accomplished both and have the fire-fighting rank of "Indsatsleder" (On Site Commander in Emergency Services) and the BRS rank of "korpsmester" (first lieutenant).

However I got bored teaching and motivating the same kind of students every three months. In Denmark one out of eight males are drafted and at that time the shortest term for the ones that did not want to serve at all were in BRS, so we had a lot of unmotivated young men. It is very frustrating to teach young men Who might have to put their life on the line in a rescue mission things they need to know, and feel that they just don't care. So I decided to join the reserves ranks and only serve at exercises, on vacations and when needed. This means that I am on call and have to report to my place of service NŠstved within 48 hours of being called in. I will be on leave in the time period I am in Vietnam.

I have many good memories and times in BRS, so expect to stay in service as an officer of the reserves until I get to old.