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Catinét - my workplace to be

On the 21st of October I am flying to Vietnam to work one year as a trainee project leader and developer. I have missed having a work related view on my education @ DIKU and that is the main reason why I have jumped at the chance of this job.

The company I will be working for is called Catinét A/S and is a company that makes surveys for newspapers, the government and so on. Like what was recently in the press headlines : "Gay people getting intimidated on the job", the survey behind the headline came from Catinét.

During the years Catinét has developed an extensive software solution to hold and calculate survey data; this is where my work will be. There is 20 developers employed, most of Whom is working in Vietnam, 10 of those are Vietnamese. There are 4 other Danes in Vietnam including an other trainee Thorkil. I heard about the job thru him, I spent my first year at diku teaming up with him for my report exams.

NB: I will be in Europe on vacation in week 15,16,17,18. Week 15+16 skiing in France, week 17+18 visiting Paris and Denmark.

I will be living in a 3 story high "trainee" house. There is 3 apartments, one on each floor. It is 15 minutes walk from work, and yes both house and work is air-conditioned, humidity and heat is high in Vietnam. We even have a maid coming to the house to wash clothes and clean! Below is a picture of the house, you can find more pictures in the gallery.