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Girl Scouts/Scouts/Girl Guides

I joined the Girl Guides in my home town as early as I could, I loved the outdoors part of being a Girl guide. One often found me chopping wood and tending the fire - preferably covered in dirt and soot, I didn't have time to take a bath - there was wood to be chopped and even pots to be scrubbed. At the age of 13 i became patrol leader sharing the position with a one year older friend. I arranged trips and outings often and the Girl Guides in my patrol loved it. At the age of 16 I became troop leader in charge of all the patrol leaders and got busy planning the pioneering pre camp for the national jamboree, a big task for a 16 year old it sure was a learning experience ;-)

I have also been a Girl Scout in Canada where i spent my year on exchange in the Medley Venturer company, we did all kinds of fun stuff, from playing practical jokes on other companies to camping out at -29 degrees, snowscooterering and spendig a lot of time at our permanent cabin out in the Canadian bush.

I was also a junior leader at the local Girl Guide pathfinders group in Canada.

In 1998/99 I volunteered at the WAGGGS center in Adelboden Schwitzerland. (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). My position was to teach skiing to the guest at the centre. I loved it so much there, not only did I have fun at the job, I also had the best friends ever in my fellow volunteers and employees at the centre.

Three months after finishing my position there I went to the WAGGGS center in Guernavaca Mexico, where I volunteered as a pool guard and area guide to the visitors. I had a good time there, but was called home after just 2 months to fill a position as a fire fighter trainer. Due to a major flood in Poland many officers were sent there and someone had to continue the training of the new recruits, and I was one of them. At that time I was an officer of the reserves in BRS.

I am and will always be a Girl Guide/ Girl Scout deep in my heart, currently I am not active in any companies, but will join again when I get more time on my hands.