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What can be more fun than travelling the world

Meeting new cultures and people is a great thrill for me. The list of countries I have visited is long and can be found below. I like to stay for a while in the countries and not just stop by, that way you really get to know people and the culture. I hope to add a lot more contries to the list in the comming years

Denmark  My homeland
Norway  My father stayed there for 2 years ind Bod°/Nordfold, multiple visits and skiing trips
Sweden  Skiing trips and small visits of Malm° where my xboyfirends brother lives.
England  Two visits of a weeks duration with the girl guide marching band
Netherlands  Spent a week in Amsterdam/ at  a sports centre with the family
France  Nice alps, that can be used and is used frequently by me for skiing
Spain  Many trips with my family to the island of Mallorca - summer vacation
Greece  Stayed on the Island of Corfu for a week during interrail i the summer of 2000
Germany  On swimming exchange in 1988 for a week with a German family
Italy  Stayed at my xboyfriends fathers place in Bologna and traveled thru on interrail
Austria  Worked full/part of skiing seasons as a ski/SB instructor since 1999 in different areas
Switzerland  Volunteered at the girl guide center in Adelboden for 5 months in 1998/99 teaching skiing
Canda  My second homeland, on exchange an entire year  in 1991/92, multiple long visits since
USA  Stayed in New York a week and travelled then northern states along the Canadian border
Mexico  Volunteered at the world girl guide center in Guernavace for 2 months