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NNIT - My current workplace

In november 2002 I started my employment at NNIT A/S. I started out as an aid adding Images and testing the new PC's arriving to NNIT that were to be deployed all over Novo Nordisk A/S. I have changed positions a couple of times, so now I am working as an IT customer consultant in TeamA, our main tasks is IT support for about 4000 Novo Nordisk employees.

NNIT is an IT company that started as part of Novo Nordisk, but was made a seperate company under Novo A/S in 1999. It's main customer is still Novo Nordisk, but the portfolio of other customers is growing. NNIT is a supplier of all kinds of IT services - from IT- support to development of major software solutions. Currently there are about 700 employees in the company.

I have had a great time at NNIT and learned a lot while working there. The only reason I am changing my place of work is that I got the chance of getting experience with project management and software development, which was not an option as a student employee at NNIT, well the part that I will be stationed in Vietnam also counts a lot ;-).