- My site about me and myself ;-)

I have a thing for the outdoors and adventures

I thought I was supposed to become a Park and wildlife officer in Canada, but the country would not accept me as a landed immigrant back in 1996, so I returned home thinking I'd take the education at home, but found out in Denmark the education is all about how many trees I have to chop down to make enough money - and what I wanted to do was preserve and car not chop down trees and pant new ones in straight lines afterwards :-( So I decided to take an other line of work, one that might allow me to make enough money  to take adventures and have outdoors experiences on my vacations :-)

I have a saying - I have to try almost anything at least once so amongst my outdoor/adventure experiences the following can be listed:

 Hiking  Extensively all over the world from the age of 6 onwards
 Skiing  Since the age of 10
 Snowboarding  Since the age of 14
 Scuba diving  In Canada and the Mediterranean sea
 White water rafting  Both boating and body boarding in Canada, Sweden and Austria
 Rodeo  Two times bull riding whilst living in Canada, Alberta
 Water skiing  In Alberta Canada
 Skidooing  In Alberta Canada
 Quading  In Alberta Canada
 Mototcycling  Halfway across Canada (prairie + Rocky mountains) summer of 2004
 Repelling/climbing  In Denmark from and on trees and structures, in Sweden on rocks