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Other Hobbies

I have a saying: "I will try almost anything at least once"

Therefore I have had many hobbies thru the years

 Jiu-Jitsu  Started at the age of 8 now 2nd kuy (blue belt) in Jiu-Jitsu (after blue its brown then black). Not active at the moment but hope to be soon, maybe in Vietnam.
 Goshin-Samurai-Jutsu  Two years of training under Sensei Anders Paldrup, old samurai style full contact fighting/self defence.
 Karate  One year, didn't like doing the kata all the time.
 Swimming  Competitive swimmer from the age of 9-15, got bored swimming lanes. Has been an instructor and lifeguard for many years.
 Under Water Rugby  Great exercise and lots of fun will do more of that later in life
 Waterpolo  Fun sport but I don't have a very good catching and throwing arm
 Kayaking  Did 3 months in Gilleleje Kano og Kajakclub while stationed at Hiller°d Kasserne, liked it want to do more, maybe kayak polo or white water kayaking
 Drum Major  Drum Major for the marching band in my hometown
 Playing Piano  About 3 years from the age of 7 till 10, got bored
 Playing the "Lyre"  About 6 years from the age of 9-15 enjoyed it but moved to Canada. A "lyre" is an xylophone like instrument that is carried upright and played in marching bands.
 Playing the Guitarre  For 2 years - enjoyed it but never got enough practice
 I want to try  Parachuting, bungy jumping, kite surfing, kite snowboarding, white water kayaking, wind surfing and many more things :-)